When Will I See Final Results Of Thermage?

Young Female Touching her faceAt Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Porter knows everything there is to know about the face, it’s internal structures, and how the skin ages over time. She also knows that aging can seem to catch up with you out of nowhere and that many of her patients in the Washington, DC area will want to address their facial signs of aging before they’re in need of a facelift. If you want a firmer, tighter appearance in your face, but haven’t quite hit the requirements (or need) for a facelift, Dr. Porter can help with Thermage. Keep reading to learn more about this amazing non-surgical, anti-aging treatment, and how it can help rejuvenate your appearance without going under the knife.

What is Thermage?

Thermage uses radiofrequency technology to heat the deep layers of tissue under the surface of your skin. This heat contracts the existing collagen in your skin and encourages the development of new collagen. And new collagen means a firmer, tighter, and younger-looking appearance! Dr. Jennifer Porter has been performing these treatments for over 17 years. She has many patients that repeat the treatment annually because they like the results! Men and women in the Washington, DC area choose to have Thermage treatments because this technology offers many benefits:
  • It is a flexible treatment option - patients can focus on a single feature of the face or broaden their scope to surrounding areas of the face for the most benefit.
  • It is effective in as little as one treatment session - improvement will be seen after just one treatment with Thermage, but even more substantial tightening will be noticed after a second application.
  • It provides ongoing rejuvenation - because Thermage stimulates collagen production, patients will continue to see improvement to their skin in the months following their treatment.
  • It is a comfortable experience with no downtime - there are no needles, incisions, or sedation required with Thermage. This means there is minimal discomfort, and you can return to your normal daily activities immediately after your treatment.

 Your Treatment With Thermage

When you visit Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery in Washington, DC for your Thermage treatment, we will begin by cleaning and preparing your skin, answering any questions you have, and taking “before” pictures of your treatment area(s). The Thermage treatment process uses a handheld applicator and is simple and easy for patients:
  • The Thermage handpiece will move gently back and forth across your desired treatment area(s). The handpiece uses vibration to optimize the amount of heat delivered to the skin.
  • As the treatment progresses, you will notice a subtle and manageable heating sensation, which can be adjusted to ensure your comfort.
  • About halfway through your session, you  will look to see how your face is responding to the Thermage treatment. Many times, patients are already able to see lifting and tightening!
  • Some patients see a bit of redness during their Thermage treatment, but this should subside before you leave the office.

Your Results After Thermage

For most men and women in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC only one Thermage treatment is needed to see the improvement they want. However, patients who see the best results typically choose to have the Thermage procedure performed annually or every other year. Final results will be seen within 6 months after your initial treatment session, with added benefits coming with every additional treatment after that. Many times, Dr. Porter will recommend that her patients in  the DC area combine their Thermage procedure with dermal fillers or Botox to reduce wrinkles or add volume for the best outcome. If this is part of your treatment plan, you will need to have these injections performed 2-4 weeks before your Thermage treatment or immediately after your Thermage treatment.

Putting Your Best Face Forward With Thermage

If you’re not ready to have a facelift, but you’re tired of the aging appearance you see in the mirror, talk to Dr. Porter about Thermage to see if this tried and true technology can help you. Call her Washington, DC office today at (301) 652-8191 to book a consultation and learn more!