How Good is Laser Vein Therapy in Treating Facial Spider Veins

Spiders like tarantulas do crawl and for some people that is one phobia-inducing scenario. The spider veins, also known as telangiectasias, also do crawl in your legs and face. While not as hairy and scary as their namesake arachnids, spider veins are just as disgusting. Especially when they choose to attack your face. Spider veins are tiny and visible blood vessels found underneath the skin on the cheeks and around the nose. The veins found near the surface of the skin, medically termed as superficial veins, are actually found in every person’s body. Their function is to facilitate heat transfer away from the body, especially when the body is overheated due to exertion or external conditions. But then most people have far more superficial veins than they truly need. So the superficials become  spiders when the former are overly visible or evident in body spots that are aesthetically unpleasing. If you have spider veins and disgusted by their presence, you can choose to have them removed: either surgically or using laser light. Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Parker Porter believes that there is no need to have one’s self-esteem and confidence affected by mere presence of veins that can be easily removed using today’s technological innovations. Using sophisticated computer technology,  Dr. Porter will carefully identify and map the veins that are target for the laser vein therapy. And then through the aid of a special laser energy, the blood within the vein is made to coagulate which eventually destroys the accurately targeted vessel. The Board Certified Plastic Surgeon will need at least two to maximum of four treatments, performed at scheduled intervals, in order to successfully remove the spider veins. Schedule a consultation now with Dr. Porter by calling us at (301) 652-8191 or by submitting this Email Contact Form. The post How Good is Laser Vein Therapy in Treating Facial Spider Veins appeared first on Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery.