* Individual Results May Vary
Picture1 hair

Description: FUT Hair Transplant in Bethesda. 1938 grafts were placed in the hairline, central area, and crown (only 600 grafts were placed here due to patient preference).

* Individual Results May Vary
Slide1 Hair before and after

Age: 42
Description: This 42 year old male underwent FUT with 2000 grafts after prior failed robotic hair transplant at another office. We were able to restore his confidence by adding density to his central forelock region and naturally strengthening his hairline. His operative plan is shown on the day of surgery.

* Individual Results May Vary

Age: 36
Description: This 36 year old male is 12 months out from his FUT strip hair transplant with 1761 follicular unit grafts to correct his receding hairline. We lowered his central hairline from 8.5cm to 6.5cm and corrected his temporal recession by 4cm.

* Individual Results May Vary
autologous treatments

Description: Male patient who noted significant hair loss along his crown. He completed a series of four autologous treatments to improve his hair density and increase the caliber of each individual hair.

* Individual Results May Vary
PRP Hair Restoration Before and After Photo - Patient 1A

Age: 27
Description: Male patient noticed early hair thinning and seeking to slow down the process. Patient completed a series of treatments.

* Individual Results May Vary
PRP Hair Restoration Before and After Photo - Patient 2A

Age: 29
Description: Female patient treated with advanced hair loss restoration. She is shown 4 months after a total of 3 treatments with new hair growth on the targeted areas.

* Individual Results May Vary
Back - Before & After

Age: 53
Description: This 53 year old patient underwent four sessions of autologous hair injections using the growth factors from her own blood. She was also placed on the pill version of Rogaine by Dr. Sitapara to regrow miniaturized hairs within her crown, hairline, and part. She is on maintenance treatments every six months.