* Individual Results May Vary
Combination Treatments Before and After Photo - Patient 1

Age: 47
Procedures: BBL, Thermage, Viora Reaction
Description: Caucasian patient in her 50s looking to improve the fine lines, skin tone and the laxity of her skin. The patient did a combination of skin tightening with Thermage, Viora Reaction and BBL.

* Individual Results May Vary
Patient 2A Combination Treatment Before and After

Combination treatments of Kybella and Thermage: patient looking to improve submental fat under the chin and tighten the jawline. Patient is seen before and after 2 Kybella treatments and 1 Thermage treatment.

* Individual Results May Vary
Patient 1a Chemical Peel Before and After

Age: 25
Treatments: PCA Sensi Peels and Aerolase Neo
Description: Patient was looking to improve hyperpigmentation scarring from acne and dryness of the skin. Patient was treated with one Sensi Peel alone and the second treatment was a combination of Aerolase Neo and Sensi Peel. In between treatments, patient used the SkinMedica Dermal Repair Cream.

* Individual Results May Vary

Age: 40
Treatments: Aerolase Neo, lymphatic drainage
Description: This patient in her early 40’s is dedicated to diminishing the appearance of her scar and brightening her overall complexion.  This 6 month difference pictured above was achieved using various combination treatments, including Aerolase Neo, lymphatic drainage, and different chemical peels.  In between treatments, she used Sente Dermal Repair Cream and Glytone Enhance Brightening Serum.