* Individual Results May Vary
Combination Treatments Before and After Photo - Patient 1

Age: 47
Procedures: BBL, Thermage, Viora Reaction
Description: Caucasian patient in her 50s looking to improve the fine lines, skin tone and the laxity of her skin. The patient did a combination of skin tightening with Thermage, Viora Reaction and BBL.

* Individual Results May Vary
Patient 2A Combination Treatment Before and After

Combination treatments of Kybella and Thermage: patient looking to improve submental fat under the chin and tighten the jawline. Patient is seen before and after 2 Kybella treatments and 1 Thermage treatment.

* Individual Results May Vary
Patient 1a Chemical Peel Before and After

Age: 25
Treatments: PCA Sensi Peels and Aerolase Neo
Description: Patient was looking to improve hyperpigmentation scarring from acne and dryness of the skin. Patient was treated with one Sensi Peel alone and the second treatment was a combination of Aerolase Neo and Sensi Peel. In between treatments, patient used the SkinMedica Dermal Repair Cream.