BOTOX for Non-Surgical Wrinkle Relaxation

Countless people are using BOTOX® for non-surgical wrinkle relaxation. These injections are incredibly fast and convenient. With BOTOX®, you can smooth away fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth, at your brow and at the corners of your eyes. These are called dynamic wrinkles and they're among the very first signs of aging to appear. With a simple, in-office BOTOX® treatment, you can regain smooth, line-free skin and a more youthful appearance overall.

Dynamic Wrinkles and BOTOX® Injections

Dynamic wrinkles are wrinkles that are directly related to facial movement. For instance, whenever you frown or furrow your brow, you may develop frown lines that travel vertically or horizontally across your forehead. When you smile, crow's feet might appear near the corners of your eyes, and when you laugh or make any other movements with your mouth, you may develop fine lines. As soon as your face relaxes, however, these wrinkles will immediately disappear. That's because they're the result of developing tension within the expressive muscles that control these movements. BOTOX® releases tension within the expressive muscles by affecting the nerve signals that control them. This temporarily relaxes these muscles and with stunning effects. During a treatment session, our skilled professional will strategically inject very minute amounts of this purified, FDA-approved protein solution into areas that experience the greatest amount of facial movement. This will produce the relaxing, tension-relieving effects that cause the surface skin to smooth out and stay that way. It will also preserve your ability to laugh, smile, frown and make other natural-looking expressions even as you enjoy a significantly more youthful appearance overall.

Benefits of Using BOTOX® to Release Fine Lines and Wrinkles

These injections are an entirely non-surgical treatment. With this treatment, our provider will not have to make any incisions or remove or otherwise alter your facial tissues. As such, you won't have to endure any downtime at all. This is a far cry from surgical facelift treatments that entail a considerable amount of downtime. One of the most important things to know about BOTOX®, however, is the fact that it has a temporary effect on nerve communication and muscle functioning. After a few months or so, your expressive muscles will return to their normal state and you'll need to have your injections repeated.

Learn More During a Consultation

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