* Individual Results May Vary
s wilhelm

Age: 57
Treatments: TCA Chemical Peel
Description: Patient underwent a deep 35% TCA chemical peel to significantly improve years of sun damage to her skin. She loves the skin tightening and wrinkle reduction she was able to achieve with one treatment.

* Individual Results May Vary
fat grafting tca chemical peel

Description: This patient in her late 60’s was bothered by her loss of facial volume and sun damaged skin. We used a combination of fat grafting to the face as well as a 35% TCA chemical peel to improve the appearance of her wrinkles and folds, while restoring volume to her face.

* Individual Results May Vary
Chemical Peel Before and After Photos - Patient 1A

Age: 24
Treatment:Chemical Peels
Description: Female patient in her 20s looking to improve the hyperpigmentation on her cheeks. Over the course of 8 months, patient received chemical peels monthly and used Sente Dermal Repair cream in between treatments.

* Individual Results May Vary
Chemical Peel Before and After Photos - Patient 2A

Age: 32
Procedure: BBL and Chemical Peel
Descriptions: Patient was struggling with adult acne and scarring. Patient was treated with a series of Forever Clear BBL and chemical peels.

* Individual Results May Vary
Patient 1e Chemical Peel Before and After

Age: 25
Treatments: PCA Sensi Peels and Aerolase Neo
Description: Patient was looking to improve hyperpigmentation scarring from acne and dryness of the skin. Patient was treated with one Sensi Peel alone and the second treatment was a combination of Aerolase Neo and Sensi Peel. In between treatments, patient used the SkinMedica Dermal Repair Cream.